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From providing an audit of SCMP's website properties, exploring innovative ways to better understand its readers across numerous publications, to customising quiz and survey systems - we collaborate closely with the SCMP to support its exciting evolution into a global media company.

“From a regional newspaper, the South China Morning Post has grown into a news media organisation available to readers and users across multiple channels, platforms and formats. It has now become necessary for its identity to be recognisable and adaptable across all of these.” 

- South China Morning Post

Data Intelligence

Data is imperative to any company’s growth, long-term success - and especially in the media industry - relevance. 

We provide the SCMP with an enterprise-grade, secure, data management platform that relates the their audience information across their multiple sites and SCMP publications. 

By actively working closely with the SCMP’s various business units, we are able to streamline and standardize company-wide metrics to provide actionable insights for traditionally siloed business units.

“Creating a culture around testing over gut feel is healthy and helps to drive data informed decision making across the company.”

Korey Lee, director of analytics, South China Morning PostSource: Reuters

Interactive Content Types

Leveraging ideas and systems that have been refined through our content labs - we provide SCMP teams a way to generate, create, and manage interactive content types unique to digital content. 

These include dynamic quizzes, polls, and surveys that integrate with SCMP’s content data management platform.

Multisite System

Our best-of-breed multisite system is designed to reflect a company’s complex multi-layered business units. 

By collating all website development onto one system, SCMP can ensure that these websites consistently reflect the best web standards, that business units all have access to relevant brand assets, approval processes are expedited and that their talented designer team can focus on creating great content instead of the medium it’s distributed on.
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