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Empowering local teams to launch microsites, quickly and effectively.

Swire Properties invests and manages a wide array of developments in prime locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US. Their portfolio encompasses everything from commercial, hotel, residential, retail, to mixed-use developments.

As part of their mission to creatively transform these spaces for the long-term, Swire Properties is often found playing an integral and active part in their related communities. 
The Challenge
Traditionally, local teams would have to engage multiple agencies to both design and develop websites for each of their events. This lengthy process often involves going through a vetting of new vendors, tight timelines, and deliverables that fall short of Swire's web guidelines or best performance practices.

The Solution
We worked with the Swire Properties’ dedicated Digital Innovation & Transformation team to provide their local HK team a faster, more dynamic, and more sustainable way to develop and launch quality websites - at scale.

With Ultrasite and the support of our local team, the Swire Properties Events team was able to launch a fully interactive website in less than a month.

The Result
A multilingual, interactive website customized according to Swire’s web development guidelines, complete with a user-generated submissions approval system and China CDN. This system allowed the Swire team to register attendees and more importantly collect, manage, and approve valuable user-generated content to publish to their events page.

Using this same system, the team can now launch similarly structured microsites with just a few clicks. Because our system provides design flexibility, the Swire team can involve any creative for the purposes of branding while ensuring that the resulting website adheres to Swire's web guidelines.

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