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Ultrasite is the world's first truly global website builder - optimised for global delivery, and China compatibility. Maximize your brand’s digital presence with an ultra fast, accessible & beautiful multi-language website.
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Modern EssentialsUltrasite provides your team the tools to design and build your web presence for a worldwide audience

Best in Class Hosting with Global Coverage

Deliverability is a fundamental facet of all websites. Ultrasite provides state-of-the-art hosting architecture via Amazon Web Services and Fastly to deliver your site, ultrafast, across the globe.

01 Fast

Time is money. A one second delay in loading speed can mean a 7% decrease in conversions. With localized Web Servers via AWS, together with your choice of Akamai or with Fastly CDN in all major continents, we ensure your website is served most effectively and efficiently.

02 Scalable

Our hosting architecture provides automatic scalability - the more traffic your website receives worldwide the more servers we generate to support your site. Want to take that a step further? We allow you to point your Ultrasite to multiple custom domains.

03 Reliable

With AWS Web Servers, Akamai or Fastly CDNs, and a China CDN where images and other assets are stored, we provide industry-grade uptime to ensure that your content remains online at all times.

04 Secure

With Ultrasite, your security and data protection is top of mind and of utmost importance to us. For all websites, we generate Auto SSL Certificates with HSTS handling. 

Your Site’s Content for Everyone, Anywhere.

With over 100 languages on the internet and over 75% of of internet users browsing in a language other than English, Ultrasite allows you to create websites in any language for any demographic around the world.

01 Streamlined

Creation of languages is efficient and simplified. Best practice URL generation and optimized for search engines whether it’s Google or Baidu. 

Reduce development costs and launch websites that are designed to be multilingual from day one.

02 Linked Pages

During the design process, take advantage of Machine translation via Google Translate. Link pages of your site, to the same page in your default language. Any text and design changes made to the default will be continuously auto-translated.

03 Professional Translation (Coming Soon)

Ultrasite makes the final step easy providing on-demand professional translation services located directly in the editor itself. 48 hour turnaround guaranteed.
If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.
‒ Nelson Mandela

04 Intelligent Content

Display targeted Contextual Content based on your visitors location, referral source, device OS/type and time of day to optimize for clickthrough, engagement and conversion. Exceptionally useful for demographic or locational targeting with custom content
Delight your visitors with Content Personalization by displaying relevant content based on their behaviour - what they click on frequently and content they consume. 
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*Available as an App Suite

05 China Optimization by Chinafy

For the same reason that Google Analytics doesn't work in China, or Shopify doesn't work in China, having your site and content viewable in China is a complex task. We've partnered with Chinafy for our China CDN and China Website Hosting, with no need for ICP license filing. China SEO and integration with China Social media all under one dashboard.
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*Available as an App Suite

Technical Design. Visualized & Simplified.

Our design studio was built with 3 principles in mind:

01 Design Freedom

Enable designers to bring their creativity and vision to reality by visually creating websites that are true to a brand’s identity and style without compromising within a rigid theme. CSS - colors, typography, shadow, effects, transitions.

02 Respect the Web

HTML & CSS, Layout. Responsiveness, States, Browser comptability. Control the way your site and content looks, no matter the device or context your reader is on. Design for all devices for everyone, eveywhere.

03 Quality Code & Performance

Production-ready Code that is both performant and semantic. 
Speed should be part of the design process. HTML, CSS and JS files are all automatically minified. Built-in optimization tools for images are available right in the studio to ensure the smoothest user experience.
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Blocks, Templates & Symbols

Design your site in minutes with pre-built starter templates. 

Like lego, build pages of your site, using pre-designed blocks like headers, hero sections, team sections and more, then tweak their style and settings as you like. Create Symbols as your own personal reusable custom blocks - create once, use anywhere.

A community marketplace is also coming soon, where you can create site templates and blocks to share with the community for free or to earn some money..

Animations & Interactions (Coming Soon)

Take your site to the next level with exciting animations that will stun your website viewers. Set triggers and interactions.

Digital Asset Management

Upload once, use everywhere. Everything from images, gifs, videos to fonts can be stored in Ultrasite for quick usage across various pages on your site.


If a mistake is published or a design needs to be rolled back, rest assured. We have your back. Easily revert back to auto and manually saved snapshots of your site’s design. Restore at anytime.

Custom Code & Export Tools

If advanced CSS or Javascript is required for the design of your site, custom code injection is straightforward at the site, page and element level. If you decide not to host with us, Ultrasite is a great technical design tool that can speed up your html and css writing workflow.

Reach your audience

01 Multilingual & Multiregional Search Engine Optimziation

Apply custom meta data on pages with unque meta titles, descriptions, photo attributes and more. Even set open graph settings to ensure your pages look perfect on Social Media. We automatically set href lang to every page to let search engines know there are other versions of each page in different languages.

02 Sitemap Indexing

Make it easy for search engines to crawl your site with comprehensive sitemap indexing

03 Robots.txt

Decide which parts of your site search engines should see with our editable robots.txt file. Ensure Chinese search engines, with limited crawl budget access Chinese language content, first.

04 301 Redirects

Preserve your SEO rankings by redirecting old pages to new locations in your Ultrasite

Gain insight to the performance of your site with ease

In this day and age, big data is a key asset for any business. With Ultrasite’s analytics suite, understand your site’s performance with clarity, determine if KPI targets are achieved and keep C-level stakeholders of your website on top of the metrics that matter.

Geographic & Language Performance

See which countries and cities around the world you are receiving the most traffic from as well as which languages are viewed the most.

Session Time & Bounce Rate

Track average session times to see how long your visitors are staying on your site and how many visitors navigate away from your site after viewing a single page.


See total users, total views and clickthrough percentages on various links and navigations to see if you are effectively serving your visitors and providing a good user experience.

Tools for Growth

Enjoy a variety of add-on applications and integrations to supercharge your website. Whether you are a small business or a large multinational enterprise, purchase a full suite of apps to enjoy discounted prices or pick & choose apps individually catered to your own needs. Scale-as-you-grow.

Blogging Suite

Create a voice for your brand, tell your story and update your audience on what’s new with you or your business. 
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Content Management Suite

Create a powerful, dynamic content pages with ease and update listings of all kinds through templates. Collaborate with content editors.
Coming Soon

Content Marketing Suite

Content is King. With ad blockers becoming commonplace, genuine and authentic content relevant to your audience is proving to be the best way to connect, engage and convert.
Coming Soon

Form Management Suite

Collect reader and customer information thorugh forms. Define, design and place across your site.
Coming Soon

Customer Relationship Suite

Organize your Marketing and Sales funnels with a highly integrated built-in customer relationship manager (CRM). Target potential or returning customers and gain big wins for your team
Coming Soon

Commerce Suite

Create product listings, sell products, provide discounts, invoicing and more. Multiple currencies support along with Stripe and Paypal integrations.
Coming Soon

Email Marketing Suite

Email Marketing has proven to be a highly effective channel to re-engage and convert audiences.
Coming Soon
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Premium Services

Reach out to our extended teams for custom, white-glove services dedicated to your business' or clients' needs. 
Ultrasite Enterprise offers cutting-edge, tailor-made product solutions that help large multinationals scale worldwide. Services range from integrated multi-site data management, custom marketing and analytics integrations, API access and more. Accelerate your organizations development with shared site templates, centralized CMS and CRM systems. Contact us for enquiries.
First Paint Studios is Ultrasite's digital agency arm that believes in style and beautiful design without sacrificing performance and accessibility. With expertise in digital development, data & design, First Paint Studios offers premier custom branding & design solutions, custom-code implementation, setup consultation, site management and website audits, reviews and consulting.

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